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[Quiz] Browse questions by categories/labels26% of votes
[Quiz] Link to descriptions / more info for lesser-known sex acts18% of votes
[Quiz] Ability to add custom questions16% of votes
[Quiz] More questions (please specify question/s)10% of votes
[Mobile] Native Android app9% of votes
[Mobile] Native iOS/iPadOS app8% of votes
[Stats] Feature to compare your answers against the rest of the community4% of votes
[Stats] Select any two groups for comparison (gender, sexual orientation, city, etc.)2% of votes
[Security] Two-factor authentication (2FA/UFA)2% of votes
[Security] Allow >1 Quivre code per account2% of votes
[Security] Option to switch between email and username/password log-in for pre-existing accounts.1% of votes
[Security] Allow Quivre codes to be changed1% of votes
[UI] Keyboard hotkeys to quickly answer questions1% of votes
[UI] Localize UI+quiz (please specify language)0% of votes
Don't change anything / don't want to participate-
[Security] Option to allow email login, at cost of keeping your data unencryptedDone 3 years ago
[Misc] Optionally consent to show all answers, incl. non-mutual desiresDone 4 years ago
[Quiz] Smart question discovery: show questions based on what you already dis/likedDone 4 years ago
[Misc] Openness score (0 to 100%) for yourself, and in community statsDone 4 years ago
[Misc] Kinkiness score (0 to 100%) for yourself, and in community statsDone 4 years ago