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Frequently asked questions

How does matching work?

Your sexual compatibility match (0 to 100%) is a measure of how sexually compatible you and a partner are.

A statistical algorithm is used to score comparable answers from you and your partner. Both the nature of each answer (positive/negative), and its magnitude (e.g. strongly vs mildly positive) are considered. For example:

  • If you'd both love to have a threesome: this counts as a strong positive for compatibility.
  • If you'd love to have a threesome and your partner wouldn't mind: this counts as a mild positive for compatibility.
  • If you'd love to have a threesome and your partner is strongly opposed: this counts as a negative for compatibility.

Accuracy depends on two things:

  • How many of the same questions you and your partner have answered (more answers => better accuracy).
  • If you and your partner are both sharing desires (sharing => better accuracy).

Matching with a partner will also show both of you your:

  • Kinkiness (0 to 100%): a measure of a user's interest in "kinkier" activities.
  • Openness (0 to 100%): a measure of how flexible someone is to try things their partner is into. Percentage of questions answered "maybe" or better.

Can Quivre be used with Tinder, Facebook Dating, etc.?

Sure, that's one of the main use cases! You can use Quivre with any dating app (incl. Tinder, Facebook Dating, Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, etc.). You can either:

  • Include your Quivre code right on your profile, or
  • Choose to share your Quivre code with someone specific via your dating app's chat feature.

When you share your code with someone that doesn't already have their own Quivre code, they'll be asked to take the quiz themselves.

Note that anyone that has your code can see:

  • Their approximate sexual compatibility with you (0 to 100%)
  • Your approximate overall kinkiness (0 to 100%)
  • Your approximate openness to trying things (0 to 100%)

IMPORTANT: Please read responsible use for more details re: privacy and safe use.

What are possible shared desires?

These are activities that you indicated a [possible] interest in. Your answer will be visible to your partner if either:

  • You and your partner choose to share mutual desires, and your partner also indicated [possible] interest, or
  • You and your partner choose to share all desires.

What are non desires?

These are activities that you indicated no interest in.

Your answer will only be visible to your partner if you and your partner choose to share all desires, and your partner indicated interest in this activity.

What are super desires?

These are questions you answered with 100% interest.

Quivre gives these desires extra weight when matching, but with one twist: the more super desires you have, the less each counts.

This advanced feature is useful if you have certain things you're really interested in, and you want your match % with other users to better reflect that.

Note: if both you and your partner share the same super-desires, they'll have a particularly strong effect on matching.

When can/can't consent be revoked?

If you give consent to share your desires with a partner, you can revoke your consent only if your partner hasn't also already consented.

This is a security feature. It prevents situations where you consent to share desires with a partner, they look at the results, then modify their answers or withdraw their consent before you've also had a chance to see the results yourself.

So to keep things fair- Quivre snapshots shared desires the moment both parties consent- and keeps those exact results visible to both partners until consent automatically expires after 8 days.

If someone tries to change their answers after sharing their desires, or even deletes their account - you can still see the original results until consent expires.

How to delete an account?

Accounts get deleted automatically if there's no login for 18 months. Or you can contact me with your Quivre code and username or email address.

Will also add an option later so that you can delete by yourself.

How is this free?

The intention is eventually to consider some kind of transparent pay model for at least some (extra?) features. No urgency for this though, currently focused on gauging interest, getting feedback and improving the app.

If any payment stuff is ever introduced, pre-existing users will get to keep all the features they had when they joined.

Is Quivre only for folks with specific kinks or fetishes, etc.?

Not at all! It's for everyone - regardless of how non/kinky. That's kind of the point: it asks everyone to honestly describe their sexual preferences (whatever they are, however interesting or humble) - then provides a safe, non-judgemental way for partners to identify and share mutual desires.