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How matching works

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How does it work?

  1. Take the quiz to get your anonymous Quivre code.
  2. Your Quivre code can be shared with your partner, or on any dating app. It doesn't disclose your identity, or anything specific about your desires.
  3. Input someone else's code to see your sexual compatibility %.
  4. And if you both consent: see the things you're both interested in, keeping secret the things you're not.
  5. Use your results as a springboard to talk, and to explore your mutual desires.
  6. All answers are encrypted, and are private unless you specifically choose to share them. Full privacy info here!
How matching works, in detail

For you and your partner

It can often be difficult to open up about one's fantasies, even with a loving and trusted partner.

Maybe there's something you've always wanted to try, but couldn't quite work up the courage to discuss. Maybe there's something you'd love to be doing more of, but you're not sure if your partner's on the same page.

Or perhaps you want to know if your partner has a desire they've been too shy to ask about.

Quivre's not a replacement for honest communication, but acts as a communication tool and conversation starter. It gives you and your partner a safe, structured, and fun way to explore, and to deepen your intimacy and openness together!

For you and your maybe-partner

Meeting the right person can be tough enough, even without the taboo that sometimes exists around talking openly about sex.

And even if you're the open sort, it can be risky being completely open with people you don't already trust. Likewise, how can you expect people to really be open with you when they don't already trust you?

Quivre acts as the trusted mutual friend who knows you both, and can tell you if there's a match.

It gives strangers (e.g. on a dating app) a safe way to measure their overall sexual compatibility- taking into account their honest, uncensored desires.

An inclusive, sex-positive experience 🏳️‍🌈

Quivre's about creating a fun, enriching, safe space to open up and explore your sexuality. It's about discovery, without the anxiety or social pressures that can sometimes unfortunately get in the way.

The questions are (mostly) gender-neutral, and don't depend on your sexual orientation; Quivre's matching doesn't depend on labels or boxes.

And since by default Quivre shows only desires you're both into- there's no risk of offending your partner with anything unexpected.

A wide range of kinks, fetishes, and fantasies

From cuddling and a candle-lit dinner, to things I needed to look up on Wikipedia, Quivre offers a searchable and ever-expanding database of over 400 curated activities (and inspiration!) to fit any and all tastes.

Users are encouraged to suggest activities that may be missing.

Smart question discovery

Quivre takes a unique approach to question discovery and dynamically selects questions to show each user based on their own previous answers.

Which means giving you access to an incredibly comprehensive set of activities, without bogging the quiz down with topics you aren't interested in.

This also means that users aren't accidentally exposed to more advanced questions that they may find unappealing.

1st-class privacy

Quivre takes your privacy very seriously.

A minimum of sensitive information is collected from you. And what is collected, is stored using plausible deniability techniques, and strong cryptography using a private key that only you have. So even if Quivre's entire database and source code were to be leaked, your data would still be safe.

Full, transparent, plain-English details on the Quivre privacy policy.

Zero bullshit

No advertising, no tracking, no spam, no email at all unless you opt-in for notifications, no gamification, no requests to external servers, and no cookies for anything besides secure log-in.

Yes, the web can actually be this way. And this is why Quivre doesn't need infernal consent popups.

It also happens to make Quivre comprehensively GDPR compliant, though the benefits apply to everyone- not just EU users.

Anonymous community sex statistics

Curious what people really want when they feel safe to share their honest sexual desires? Want to know how unusual your particular desires are, or how kinky you are compared to others?

Quivre publishes a wide variety of fully-anonymous statistics about usage activity and sexual preferences broken down by gender, country, age, and more.

Check out the community stats for details (no login necessary).
Made with in Berlin

Quivre's a small passion project (heh) being built by one person. You can reach me for feedback, questions, or just to say hi :-)

So here's to open-mindedness, open communication, and some seriously great sex (whatever that might mean for you)!

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