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Responsible use

While Quivre's designed to support strong privacy, it's important to be fully aware of the potential privacy and safety considerations below:

Username and password safety

Try choose an anonymous username (e.g. purple-unicorn32).

Never, ever share your username or password with anyone!! Ever!
No one from Quivre will ever ask you for either of these.

For your password: the longer your password - the more difficult it will usually be to try guess (brute-force). But in practice, if someone wants to try break into your account - it's a lot more likely that they'll try phishing techniques to trick you into giving up your password.

Try choose a username and password that you can remember or will add to a secure password safe (e.g. KeePass): if you forget either, you won't be able to access your account (and I won't be able to help).

Please do not write down your username or password!

Logging in by email

If you've configured your Quivre account to allow logging in by email, note that anyone with access to the email address you provided will be able to access your Quivre account!

So please ensure that your email account is kept private and safe- use a strong password, and follow any other security recommendations from your email provider.

Check the web address

If you're accessing Quivre in a browser, always check the URL (web address) domain when you're logging in. It should show exactly If you see anything else, it could be a phishing attempt.

Shared devices

If you're using Quivre on a shared device, make sure to always log out when you're done - and to turn off any browser or plugin features for auto-login or to remember passwords.

It can also be a good idea to access Quivre via a feature like Chrome and Firefox's Incognito mode, or Safari's Private Browsing mode.

Use up-to-date software

Old software can have security bugs, and often lacks important modern security features. Try use a modern operating system and web browser, and keep them up-to-date.

When relevant, it can also be a good idea to use a trusted antivirus program that checks for malware, keyloggers, and the like.

Sharing your Quivre code

Your answers to the Quivre quiz are associated with your Quivre code.

You can choose to keep this code private, sharing it only with trusted partners. Or you can choose to share this code publicly (for example on a dating profile), or semi-publicly (e.g. in private messages on a dating app).

Anyone who has your code (meaning anyone you share it with, or anyone they share it with) can see:

  • Their approximate sexual compatibility with you (0 to 100%)
  • Your approximate overall kinkiness (0 to 100%)
  • Your approximate openness to trying things (0 to 100%)

No further details will be visible without your explicit consent, and it's generally not feasible to deduce or infer any of your specific sexual preferences (answers) from your Quivre code.

In particular: matching between any two users includes significant random statistical noise - making it very difficult to "reverse-engineer" your answers through any amount of brute-force.

Note that if you're intending to keep your code private, it's important to share your code only with trusted partners who will not redistribute your code without your consent.

More info can be found in Quivre's privacy policy.

NB Consenting to share desires

You can optionally consent to share your sexual desires with a specific Quivre code (partner). You can choose to:

  • Share only mutual desires (things that both you and your partner are open to), or
  • Share everything (all your desires, regardless of your partner's answers).

If you and a partner both consent to share sexual desires, you will both immediately be able to see each other's relevant specific answers.

This detailed information will be visible for 8 days. To prevent abuse (someone withdrawing consent when they've seen the results but before you have), consent cannot be revoked after both parties have given consent!

NB You should only ever consent to share desires with someone you know and trust!!

A malicious user/partner could:

  • Lie on the quiz, answering everything positively in an attempt to see all your desires.
  • Download/screenshot or even redistribute your sexual desires in an attempt to cause you embarrassment or harm.

Please use the sharing feature with great care - especially if any of your answers could cause you significant embarrassment or harm if publicly disclosed.

General safety

It's an unfortunate reality that there's a significant number of folks on the internet with malicious intent.

Sharing information about your sexual preferences can increase the likelihood of being targeted for unwanted advances, or for other forms of harassment or abuse online or even in person.

Quivre is intended for use by responsible, mature adults - and it won't prevent you from doing something you might later regret.

The idea here is to have fun, but as they say: responsible fun, please!